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“I don’t wanna party at the weekends, rather be alone don’t wanna pretend.”


After making music for six years, Crybaby is now ready to start sharing new music with the world. Blending trap kicks and hi hats, moody lyrics and guitar strings, crybaby is the mysterious moniker of an unidentified Irish artist.

“The aim of this project from the start was to remain anonymous. I’ve always uploaded music from myself onto Soundcloud under my real name and found I was getting a biased opinion because naturally some people like you and others don’t.

“I decided I’d like my music to speak for itself now after many years and that completely removing myself from the picture helps to get people to show how they really feel about something I’ve made.

“Lyrically I like how I can express myself now as people aren’t judging me personally for some of the topics I talk about.”

Listen to the melancholic ‘WKNDS’ below.

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