“Rap that is just average Irish blokes rapping about their lives”


Dublin rapper Sick Nanley has once again linked up with producer Alex O’Keefe, aka AOK.

We had them both down at one of our Neighbourhood Watch parties recently, and their live performances truly do match up to the endearing nonchalance of their recordings.

“It was recorded in my bedroom,” says Sick. “The vocal samples at the start and at the end are from a video of two of my mates having a scrap on a field when we were 15 and the first verse is just about me not paying the right fare on the bus. So it’s pretty average and Irish.”

Check out the video below by Bobby Broaders.

Sick Nanley plays drums for homegrown artist Katie Laffan, while AOK plays guitar for band Young Earth. Check out their first single here.

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