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Delivery drivers in shambles.

Starting next month Irish restaurant chain Camile Thai is going to trial the use of drones to deliver food in Dublin.

Manna Aero has been working on making it possible for drones to deliver within a two mile radius of their base. For the last three years they’ve been talking to the Irish Aviation Authority to make this type of delivery possible. Camille Thai have teamed up with Manna and it is expected that next month they will test the service in the capital.

In Camile Thai’s annual conference the CEO Brody Sweeney said, “We are the exclusive restaurant launch partners and we are starting live trials in Dublin in March,” he then followed this by saying drone delivery would be available in two different places by the end of 2020.

According to the CEO drone deliveries would be better for the environment and faster than other land based vehicles. The drones would permit those who have the Camile Thai app to choose drone delivery if they wish and they’d then be shown a satellite image where they can choose the landing area.

Mr Healy continued to say, “2020, for us, is going to be about showing everyone in Ireland what it looks like, and showing the world that we are the first to do it properly.”

By the end of this year Manna intends to have 100 drones operating in the air.

Photo: The Hustle

Words: Dylan Murphy 
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