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In December 2016 Jack Colleran released his final track under his MMOTHS moniker. The Irish producer and musician retired the alias, confirming a new direction under the name J Colleran.


He then shared a new video for ‘O + SOH’, directed by Nic Hamilton, was added to the 2018 Red Bull Music Academy for its 20th anniversary in Berlin and more recently shared the video for ‘bERA’. All of this ahead of the release of his new album ‘Gardenia’ out on June 29.

The Newbridge-born composer has now released another video, this time linking up with director NS FX creator Daniel Swan.

“Working in Cinema 4D I began modelling small assets, window handles, handrails, ceiling vents, floors, tileable sections of suspended ceiling and windows,” explains Swan. “Then roughly drafted out elevations for each room and placed them in. All the textures are procedural and were built attempting to match photo references, generally a few low opacity noise patterns stacked on top of each other affecting colour, bump and roughness attributes of the materials to give a slight patina to mostly flat colour surfaces.

“The camera follows a path drawn through the space, slightly slowing and speeding up, varying the relative size and position of the rooms to match the camera’s position to specific musical cues – the top-down architecture of the space is a sort of spacial notation for the structure of the track. Lights were all keyframed to dim and turn on and off in sequence, the large coloured lights in the central space physically sweeping by outside the frosted windows. I animated the density values of an Arnold atmosphere volume to vary the thickness of the mist in each space, the lens blooming and fogging out at the end as it emerges into a colder outside world.”

Check out the video below and keep an eye out for J Colleran on the cover of our June Guide to Dublin City magazine.

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