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“I was in a different place musically”


Last summer you couldn’t go to a festival without seeing a Jafaris performance. His busy summer of gigging set him up for a quiet few months, but it seems he was keeping his head down to write as much music as possible.

One of the most talked about names in Irish hip hop, the Dublin artist is now about to follow up his ‘Velvet Cake‘ EP with an even bigger, more confident and aggressive project.

‘Found My Feet’ is the first single from his forthcoming album. It was written last summer, but the piece of music has gone through a series of changes.

“It sounded completely different to what it does now,” says Jafaris. “I was in a different place musically so I completely rewrote it and had the production changed.”

Check out the new track below.

Back in May 2017, on a Dart journey out to Dalkey for a photo shoot, we caught up with Jafaris to discuss societal changes in Ireland since the 80s, tackling the mass emigration of Irish artists and the rocky road to find his purpose. Click here to read that interview.

Words: Staff Writer 
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