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Jafaris is the saviour of pop music in Ireland.


Traditionally, the top 40 charts in this country have been dominated by the mundane and uninventive. Across the globe over the past few years, however, there has been a pop revival. Pop music started taking risks with production and hip hop began to tighten its grip as the most dominant genre in the world.

Ireland, as it often goes, is lagging behind. But there’s hope.

Today Jafaris releases ‘TIME’, the second single from his debut album ‘STRIDE’, which is set to drop in full on March 8. Following on from the first single ‘Found My Feet‘, Jafaris once again mixes hip hop, R&B and more mainstream sensibilities, all under the keen production eye of Diffusion Lab.

With ‘TIME’, Irish pop just felt a tremor. Along with fellow DFL member Soulé, as well as the likes of delush, Tebi RexZaska, Hare Squead and Wyvern Lingo, Jafaris is leading the charge on the masses.

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