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JyellowL has shared his most immersive visuals yet, setting the benchmark for his forthcoming debut album.

JyellowL has quickly established himself as one of Ireland’s most fierce voices. Nimbly moving between nuanced societal analysis and balanced coming of age narratives, the Dublin-based rapper has a penchant for consistently thoughtful bars.

Having released the first single ‘JeweLs’ from his forthcoming album last week, we are delighted to have the exclusive premiere of the video for the track.

There’s something indescribably relatable in the delivery of J’s lyrics. There’s no attempt to present the appearance of ‘wokeness’, just real experiences of a 20 something year old figuring shit out.

Given the visual nature of his lyricism, the visual treatment applied to ‘JeweLs’ elevates the track to new heights. Bouncing between both his reflection and his shadows, J highlights that growth is never linear and in order to reach acceptance of who you are you need to be introduced to the darkest sides of yourself.  Only then can you find clarity and this harmonious state of acceptance is portrayed by the reference to Leonardo Da Vinci’s vitruvian man at the end of the video.

Speaking on the video ahead of its release J said, “JeweLs is a celebration of our multifaceted nature, as well as the complexity of the human condition. It’s about recognising our worth and understanding that we are all inherently valuable and that our value may just manifest itself in different realms.”

Without doubt his greatest visual offering to date, JyellowL has set the benchmark incredibly high for his forthcoming album. Given his consistent improvement from day one, it’s become clear that expectations aren’t a stressor for J – they are a motivator.

Watch ‘JeweLs’ below:

Words: Dylan Murphy 
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