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In a reddit post a user illustrates how Ye has been manipulating samples to make us hear lyrics that aren’t actually being sung.

With a legion of stans continuously looking for leaks, easter eggs and potential clues about new music, every once in a while someone will weed out some mind-blowing information about Kanye West.

One such fan took to reddit to share his findings about samples used by Kanye and how he manipulates them to trick us into hearing different lyrics than are actually being sung in the sample.

Giving numerous examples, the user has linked all the original samples and then the corresponding Kanye songs to illustrate the difference between what is actually being said and what we hear on the track.

In his hit single ‘Through The Wire’, an ode to the time he had his jaw wired shut after a car accident in 2002, Kanye samples ‘Through The Fire’ by Chaka Khan and he layers samples to make it sound like it’s saying ‘Through the wire':

Similarly in ‘In Late’, “I’ll be late for that” is actually “I’ll erase away” and In ‘Roses’, “I smile when Roses come to see me” is actually “I smile when Rosie comes to see me”.

Probably the craziest one of all is in ’30 hours’, where the sample actually says”where the islands go”. Two completely different phrases that somehow sound the same on track:

You can read the reddit post here and the full article highlighting all the samples here.

Credit to u/theofficialtone for the research and discovery.

Words: Dylan Murphy 
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