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Kean has a craving for Amber Leaf in his latest cut.

Kean Kavanagh has just released a new single, ‘Roll Over!’.  It’s the musician’s first solo single since late last year.

Kean’s other singles including ‘Coca Cola Sky’ and ‘Miracle’ have anchored his status in the Irish music scene.

‘Roll Over!’, which is a narrative about smoking Amber Leaf ‘rollies’ and drinking red wine was released via Soft Boy Records. The record label was co-founded by Kean Kavanagh and  Kojaque in 2015. Kean also recently featured on ‘09.35 AM / PRETENDING NOTHING’S WRONG‘ on XL Recording head honcho Richard Russell’s Everything is Recorded album ‘Friday Forever’.

Listen to ‘Roll Over!’ here:

 Photo: Kean Kavanagh/ Soft Boy Records

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