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Soft Boy Season is in full flow.

Soft Boy Records co-founder Kean Kavanagh has followed up his recent single ‘Roll Over!’ with another cut from his incoming debut EP ‘Dog Person’.

‘Emma’ is produced and mixed by fellow Soft Boy Brién and features crunchy percussion, rapid rifts and catchy and distorted vocals. The video matches the frantic energy and is directed by another label mate in Kojaque.

On the video, Kean said, “Emma’s an old song that I never recorded  – until I started working on this tune with Peter Brien when the project was all but finished and I found that it fit perfectly over the instrumental. I’ve wanted to make something like it for a long time so I’m very grateful for Pete’s amazing production enabling me to get there.”

“Before any of the songs were written I knew I was going to call the album ‘Dog Person’… That just cracked me up. It was funny to think of this demented half-dog, half-person… But then that led me to this character, this shittier version of myself. The procrastinating side of me. The side of me out drinking to get away from that. I liked the idea of that duality, that Jekyll & Hyde situation.”

Watch below:

Photo: ‘Emma’ Video


Words: Dylan Murphy 
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