Kill.Montana says RIP to Sloppy Pocketz with new release.


A slightly new direction for the former Dah Jevu artist, Kill.Montana’s latest track is a little more accessible than previous tracks, but that doesn’t mean that he’s lost his edge. The track was supposed to drop in June but due to “unforeseen circumstances” it was delayed. However it was worth the wait, because the Toronto-based Irish man has unleashed a soaring banger with a heavy, yet head-nodding kick that wouldn’t sound weird on either mainstream radio or on the USB of an underground DJ.

Kill.Montana has gone under several aliases since himself and Bobby Basil amicably decided to go down separate creative paths, releasing as Chris Montana, Sloppy Pocketz and Tafari Pesto. He returned to music in October 2017 after Dah Jevu confirmed they’d be taking an indefinite hiatus and since then he’s been pretty consistent with new music. No word on a full-length project yet, but his solo back catalogue is certainly starting to swell.

Check out ‘Wanna Kno’ below.

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