Declan Lennon travels the world DJing under the Krystal Klear moniker, but it seems his mind never strays too far from home.

So much so that he’s just released a mixtape inspired by Woody Allen’s ‘Manhattan’ entitled ‘A Love Letter to Dublin’.

According to an interview on Parallel by Generator Lennon says, “I went into town with a microphone to get some field recordings. When I was making it the track-list was originally loads of dance music but I was like, “Hold on for a sec. If I was 16 again and I had my mini-disc player and I was walking around town, what would I have been listening to? What makes me think of Dublin?” It wouldn’t have been that much dance music so I took a lot out – it was tough to restrain myself.”

Listen to the mixtape below.

Read our interview with Krystal Klear on radio culture and Nile Rogers here.

Words: Staff Writer 
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