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How are people still sleeping on this guy?


In October of 2017 Leo Miyagee released his lengthy EP ‘Trust God, Love Yours, Do Bits In Life’, he followed that up at the end of summer last year with the eight-track album ‘Bluebird‘ and a couple of months ago he dropped ‘Free Form Dreadlock Champion’, a seven-track project.

The young Belfast man is fast becoming one of the most prolific artists on the island, with only a select few others putting out such cohesive and quality material at a rate like this. The speed in which he’s creating these projects simply isn’t affecting the quality of the releases either, and now he’s back with the “first of many” videos from ‘FFDLC’.

“This song is me laying down the gauntlet in my scene about how much I’ve progressed since my first release, it’s basically me making a claim that I’ve separated myself from the field, but executed in such a feel good way.”

Check out ‘Free Smoke OG Kung Fu’ below.

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