A hyper-active, but considered, orgy of sounds from the homegrown pair across three tracks.


Released via Sydney-based label and radio show SIDECHAINS, Irish duo Lighght and Cnámha have just shared a new EP entitled ‘Augmentations’.

The lead track was premiered on DJ Mag earlier this month, where Lighght said that the then forthcoming EP “considers which companies will be behind these products”.

“Will it be existing companies like Toyota or Apple, or newcomers helmed by Messianic Silicon Valley leaders like Elon Musk? Metallic synthetic arpeggiators conjure images of a hyper-capitalist future. The track mimics the advertisements of these companies with soaring melodies, parodying the ‘transcendent’ orchestral ballad. A slow camera panning across the mech-arm or eye implant that you simply must buy fades into a ‘mission statement’ about the betterment of humanity.”

Stream it below and click here to download the project in full.

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