The Bangladeshi/Irish-Londoner has just shared ‘Perception’.


Joy Crookes released her second EP ‘Reminiscence‘ earlier this year, a project that was “initially inspired by my first ever trip to Bangladesh a year ago, and feeling so connected to the women that raised me”. At the time she said the EP was a collection of love songs “but also a personal celebration of history, London and my dual heritage”.

In an interview in Vogue in March, Joy discussed that dual identity, saying it reflects on her as an artist.

“I grew up with so many different cultures and influences around me, but it’s not as if I play the fiddle and sitar in my songs. Irish people have a real way with words, we have incredible writers like Oscar Wilde, Paddy Kavanagh, Van Morrison. Then Bangladeshi culture is different – the way we style our hair, the way we present ourselves, our mannerisms.”

She’s now released her second project of the year. Check out ‘Perception’ EP below.

Words: Staff Writer 
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