Ahead of his support slot for slowthai on Monday September 10 in The Workman’s Club, Luka shares a new one.


Luka Palm has had a busy summer on the festival circuit with KOJAQUE, on the back of his collabs on the Soft Boy’s LP ‘Deli Daydreams’. He’s now released a solo effort, the first in a while.

According to the premiere on Dice FM, as soon as he heard the beat he fell in love with it.

“Gaptoof (the track’s producer and an artist on Soft Boy) put the beat up online and I messaged him straight away that I wanted it. I just loved that it didn’t sound like a regular hip-hop beat, it was like a whole new kind of sound that Gaptoof had created.”

He’s also linked up with talented Irish videographer Hugh Mulhern who takes the directorial reins.

“The track itself is like a suburban serenade and me and Hugh Mulhern (who directed the video) thought it would be funny to create this kind of posh, country club atmosphere with me in a white Lacoste at the local tennis club.”

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