Luthorist’s debut solo project is here.


‘Hueco Mundo’ is the new nine-track mixtape by rapper Luthorist and producer Sivv, both of whom are members of NUXSENSE, a Dublin group recently referred to by Highsnobiety as “Ireland’s answer to BROCKHAMPTON”.

Luthorist was actually the first taste we got of NUXSENSE, all the way back in 2016 when he released ‘Essence‘. Since then the group dropped their first project titled ‘non-linear‘, played venues all over Dublin and they opened for artists as diverse as Ghostface Killah from Wu-Tang, Waka Flocka Flame and IAMDDB.

Luthorist’s first solo full-length is as confident as his on-stage presence, with Sivv delivering the goods as always, solidifying his place as one of Dublin’s prized possessions when it comes to crafting a beat.

While the vocal mix is a little low on some of the tracks, which is clearly down to the ultimate DIY and independent nature of the project, we’ve no doubt those kinks will be ironed out over the rest of the lengthy career Luthorist has ahead of him.

Check out ‘Hueco Mundo’ below (our highlight being ‘Tokio’ featuring Jehnova) and click here to watch the video for ‘saucer’.

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