A new one from the Vietnam-based, Dublin artist.


We were first introduced to 20 year old producer and artist Mac Fiction in February when he released a cover of a the loner(s) song called ‘the f word’. Having spent a couple of years making beats for other artists, working with the likes of Donkobz and Alfie South, Mac has now kicked his solo work into gear.

Over the last 12 months he’s turned his Soundcloud into a treasure trove of bedroom pop, funk and lo-fi hip hop. He’s one of the most exciting young artists we’ve come across lately, joining prospects like April, Sourfruit and Unit1 as part of the new army of introverted indie about to take over Irish music.

Check out his newest track below, and head over to his Soundcloud to listen to a few loosies too, like the recent instrumental ‘I bought a bass guitar‘.

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