“A day in the life of Mango and MathMan…”


Anyone who was at The Complex back in December would have seen the passion radiating off the stage at Mango x MathMan’s ‘Wheel Up‘ EP launch.

As they describe it, it was a “warehouse rave in the heart of Dublin City”, a party to celebrate the pair’s most successful year yet.

The project was released a day after the launch event and according to Mango the new project featured “non stop heavy, powerful tracks”.

“You can rave to these or cruise the city to them, go to the gym or commit a vast array of felonies to these records. The album will be more tempered with an over arching story, a mix of more genres and topics.”

They’ve now shared a new mini-documentary to detail the build up to the show. It features interviews with Not Another Agency, Rebel Phoenix, plus a trip to the barber… Check it out below.

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