Cork Sound Fair is an event run by a non-profit organisation who champion experimental music and works.


All proceeds from the fair raised will go toward funding of future events and the artists who make them happen.

The organisation will host the event in the Rebel City on March 23 and 24, 2018 . Presented will be material from artists both Cork-based and further afield.

All proceeds raised will go towards funding the event and the artists who make it happened. The event will present material from artists both cork based and wider afield.

The local artists like African Fiction, Static and Robert Curgenven are set to play in St. Peter’s on the opening night. On the same night a new installation will be unveiled by artists Kevin Callaghan and Thomas Pence which will the go on show in St Peter’s Gallery.

The second night will see Dublin or London-based artists such as Davy Kehoe, Ellenberger Trio, Dreamcycles, Soft Stone and Beatrice Dillon.

The historically striking venues will be themselves something of an attraction, with St. Peter’s Church’s history dating back to 1270 when King Henry III was still in power. Although deconsecrated in 1949, it was restored in 2016 and has since become a cultural and historical focal point for the city.

Also being used is the impressive Cork City Gaol.

Words: Mark Conroy 
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