“This song is for the ladies, the lovers and the heartbroken.”


Nonzus Magnus has linked up with R&B artist Ama for a new track.

“Fellow Irish artist Ama and I decided to join forces to bring you this Valentines Day banger,” Nonzus tells us. “‘Outta Love’, which is a play upon two separate meanings/motives. Feeling “Outta love” and doing things “Out of love” for someone. Speaking from occurrences with past lovers/exes and also tender loving care for a possible current person in my life (wink wink, hush hush).

“I sway from a cold, distant, nonchalant conversation/argument to a more caring, soft spoken declaration. A juxtaposition of my past and present day self speaking. The ending bridge is left up for interpretation.”

Ama’s verse delves into a sexual relationship gone sour. The artist struggles with the difficulty and fear of commitment and “the risks that come with giving up ones heart and soul, allowing themselves to be vulnerable in the relationship”.

Check it out below.

Words: Staff Writer 
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