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A team of rappers, videographers and animators, spearheaded by director Jack O’Flynn, AKA Brownsauce, Prescription and SESH FM create this new conceptual video series.


‘Somewhere in Ireland’ is a new idea by director and animator Jack O’Flynn, AKA Brownsauce, in which he takes a fresh look at the idea of a music video.

Across five parts, it follows nine artists as they trudge through the mundanity of work life, interacting with characters most of us will be chillingly familiar with while they try to make a living and create art simultaneously.

“I had no location, money or encouragement to start such a large project yet here we are, months later releasing the first part of ‘Somewhere in Ireland’,” says Jack. “Living in Limerick’s vibrant bizarre mishmash community of multidisciplinary artists and musicians made me want to create a single project that could show everybody’s work – from fine art sculpture to print, photography, painting, music, videography and animation. This project in its simplest sense is a showcase of young Irish talent from genuine people with genuine stories.”

First up is Limerick rap hero Hazey with ‘What’s That’.  Other artists set to feature in the series include Ganiyu TLG, Chili, Huva, Aswell, Citrus and more.

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