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“They laughed and said that I was weak. And when I took the bait, they said that I was a disgrace.”


Any fan of Irish hip hop should know the name Lethal Dialect. The genre is going through a purple patch at the moment, but the famous quote “only by standing on the shoulders of giants…” springs to mind. Now known by his given name Paul Alwright, he paved the way for the new crop of Irish rappers.

He’s also set to release his new album ‘Hungry in May and will feature Damien Dempsey, Maverick Sabre and more.

Check out the first single from that album below, “in memory of the late, great Paul Curran”.

Last summer he took to Twitter saying “the bravado, the misogyny and the alpha male bullshit that accompanied the LD moniker was to be swiftly dropped”, citing influences from Rubberbandits, Damien Dempsey, Tara Flynn, Una Mulally and the passing of a friend to suicide as the catalyst.

Click here to listen to our podcast with him where we discuss removing the mask, feminism, where he stands now as an artist and setting an example for kids who could be in the same position he was.

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