Irish hip hop wouldn’t exist at the level it does today without Lethal Dialect. Any fan of the genre in this country should be aware of his legacy and the influence he has had on today’s sound.


Last year he took to Twitter saying “the bravado, the misogyny and the alpha male bullshit that accompanied the LD moniker was to be swiftly dropped”, citing influence from The Rubberbandits, Damien Dempsey, Tara Flynn, Una Mulally and the passing of a friend to suicide as the catalyst. He also said at the time, “one of the biggest regrets I have is perpetuating a misogynistic, stereotypical, insensitive alpha male mentality”.

Now making music under his given name, Paul Alwright, the trailblazing rapper and vocalist is carving a new path, unmarred by the constraints of adhering to being a ‘typical’ rapper.

His new album ‘Hungry’ features Maverick Sabre and Damien Dempsey and is out today. It’s a migration from his previous work, still conscious-heavy, but with a new mindset, and recorded with live instrumentation. It also dips in and out of the realms of spoken word, flitting seamlessly between ethereal poetry with soundscapes by David Prendergast and full on rapped bars.

Paul Alwright plays Workman’s on May 18 and Bulmers Forbidden Fruit June 2-4.

Click here to listen to a podcast where we go into detail with the Dublin artist about removing the mask of bravado, feminism, where he stands now as an artist and setting an example for kids who could be in the same position he was.

Words: Eric Davidson / Photography: Mark William Logan 
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