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A collective of artists have launched a print sale consisting of work made across Ireland.

In response to the global pandemic and the ongoing racial injustice in the world an international group of photographers have come together for a print sale of art work made in both the north and south of Ireland.

‘Pictures From Ireland’ sees the group sell a number of works with proceeds from the printing and shipping going towards the NHS Charities Together and the Irish Network Against Racism.


The series consists of  8 x 10 inch prints on C-Type Matt paper and are on sale for £100 per print from now until July 13.

The 50+ photographers are from a portrait, documentary and fashion background.


Those included in Pictures From Ireland are: Amelia Troubridge, Andrew Johnston, Andrew Nuding, Bobby Zithelo, Brian Daly, Brian Doherty, Chad Alexander, Chris Sutton, Ciara Crocker, Conor Clinch, Daniel Coen, David Vail, Deirdre Lewis, Ellius Grace, Emma Ercolani, Eoin McLoughlin, George Voronov, Hazel Gaskin, Hugh O’Conor, Jacob Lillis, James Moreton, Jamie William, John Paul Quigley, Joshua Gordon, Kevin O’Farrell, Leonn Ward, Lewis Khan, Liam Hart, Liam Murphy, Linda Brownlee, Lisa Bennett, Megan Doherty, Michelle Sank, Neil Gavin, Niall O’Brien, Olin Brannigan, Philip White, Rachel Lamb, Rich Gilligan, Ronan Gallagher, Rose Comiskey, Scott Gallagher, Sophie Green, Stephen Wilson, Theo Cottle, Timothy O’Connell, Tom Johnson, Tuck Goh and Wally Cassidy. 

Photography: (Descending order: Brian Doherty, Conor Clinch, Hazel Gaskin)

Words: Dylan Murphy 
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