It’s the kick-start to your week you didn’t know you needed.


Post Punk Podge & The Technohippies, “a figment of punk and An Post’s imagination”, are back with a soaring new psychedelic house track to box the cobwebs off you.

Podge is usually known for a more abrasive vocal sound, often dipping his toes into hip hop, but the Limerick musician and vocalist has decided to use just a few words across the near six minute long ‘Heavenly Tones’, flexing his range.

His goal is usually “to turn the symbol of the brown envelope from a symbol of corruption, deception and greed into a symbol of self-expression, defiance and laughter”. Now, Podge is saying, with his tongue firmly stuffed into his cheek, “Fuck politics! We’ve sold out and made a Disco/Balearic house song for a HB ice cream advert out later this month”.

All proceeds from Bandcamp sales are going towards getting the band to Glastonbury. Listen and purchase below, it’s also on Spotify.

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