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It’s difficult to pluck something different out of the noise that is up-and-coming hip hop. The online world is saturated with quality producers and talented rappers and unfortunately many of their releases never reach the masses.

Producer Crimes Against, aka Dan Doherty, is doing his utmost to stand out of that haze, and we’re happy to premiere his latest song ‘Godzillah’, featuring the lyrical talent of Darren Dwyer’s moniker God Creative.

“Myself and God Creative met for the first time at my studio Darklands Audio,” explains Crimes Against. “I was recording a track with Ferdia Kelly Murphy and Trom, Teddy aka God Creative arrived at the session still going from the previous night, he was due to spit a verse on the track. He slept on the couch for about four hours.”

“I woke him to do his verse on the track ‘Jim Kelly’ and he jumped up went in the booth and did a brilliant job all things considered! I really liked his voice and style. He returned to the couch and when he came to a few hours later he said I’m going to record my album here! We have been working together ever since.”

Crimes Against is adamant that if you’re working within a genre its you might as well stop unless your bringing something new to the table.

“‘Godzillah’ started out on my MPC500. I made the main part on the train to some shit job I was working at the time and it stayed on the MPC for about two years until I met God Creative.”

He cites The Stooges, Joy Division, The Beach Boys, Prodigy, The Clash as well as 90s gangster rap and Apex Twin as his production influences for the track.

God Creative elaborates on the lyrics of the new track saying: “The song is about waking up a lyrical giant that’s ready to go! I carved out a confident lyrical onslaught of boisterous word play to match Crimes Against’s glitchy aggressive beat which gave me the opportunity to lyrically convey that our musical force when combined is gigantic, hence the title ‘Godzillah’.”

The exclusive first listen to the track is above, but the official launch party will take place in The Chocolate Factory March 26.

Photo by Eric Davidson

Words: Staff Writer 
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