Remotely crafted visuals for ‘Davison’ tap into the persistent emotions felt in lockdown.

In a new collaboration for the Detroit based techno label Detroit Underground, a cohort of creatives have come together to provide astute new visuals for ‘Davison’.

The video sees Joëlle Snaith, Christoph Gruenberger and Florian Renner  create an inspired visual that reflects the depressing lockdown situation prevailing currently.


While the common questions that persist in the public’s collective conscious appear sporadically on screen, groups of figures, created in the Renaissance period and conceived as a compositional unit since antiquity, are brutally torn apart.

Presenting those feelings of pain, of being physically and emotionally  distant, it’s a creative snapshot into a bizarre moment in time.

Parallels in the storyline branch this work even further and let it break out to Ireland, where the agency The Tenth Man co-founded by Richard Seabrooke, publishes a similarly themed video entitled “The Phoenix.

Watch below:

Click here to purchase ‘Highways’ on bandcamp.


Words: Dylan Murphy 
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