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We’re excited to present alternative R&B/grime duo Lakerama’s new concept video for the very first time.


Lakerama consists of Graeme S (Hsuan Records) and Senita (Shookrah) who released their debut EP ‘ONE’ two years ago.

They’ve now released a new concept music video for ‘Just Enjoy Yourself / ( Y 0 ? )’, pronounced ‘Y Naught’, which features two tracks from their EP, ‘Contactless‘.

Senita explains the idea behind the new video:

“The visual explores a narrative relatable to those on an artistic journey as well those who are following wider individualistic vocations. Working a ‘suitable for now to dead end job’ meanwhile dreaming about tapping into the your true calling. The video relays this narrative with the real world construct of the cafe versus that of this other, alluring, conflicting but stimulating world which Graeme and I are looking to tap into but struggle with our anxieties in surrendering to it.”

Watch it below.

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