“A Nigerian friend would come in handy right about now…”


Every time Mythill Grim releases a track it gets darker and darker. But that descent is transforming him into one of the most interesting artists in Irish hip hop at the moment.

We’re happy to present his new video for the first time. According to Grim the darkness of the new track is a reflection of how he sees society.

“It was just supposed to be a fun freestyle, but my heart got in the way.”

The track begins with Grim speaking in Yoruba, his native tongue.

“I’m African before anything else. I wanted to make it real and as sick as possible. I want to push people to find out what I’m saying at the beginning of the song. A Nigerian friend would come in handy right about now… And fuck subtitles if you want to find out you will.”

It’s common knowledge that Irish hip hop is blossoming, and for Grim the community is important, but it’s his progress that he’s focused on.

“I see a lot of growth in the Irish hip hop and already so much diversity in this small community of young MCs, and wherever there is hip hop there will always be a competitive state of mind. Which is good to keep you on your toes. If I’m to be honest I have been too focused on my own growth as an artist to be comparing myself, but I do want make sure every MC in this country knows to stay clear of the Hills.”

Watch the video below.

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