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“Fuck your boom bap, this is shroom rap.”


In an interview with noGood from NEOMADiC the producer and rapper said the pair had known each other for a long time before the project was truly born.

“Me and Dyrmaid are really tight and were in the same school together when I moved to Maynooth from South Africa in 2010. He saw me messing around with rap and it sort of inspired him to try it out as well, so for a long time we weren’t releasing as NEOMADiC it was just going down as us featuring on each other’s tracks until we realised we had great chemistry and then NEOMADiC started taking shape.”

He also confirmed in that interview that their debut mixtape will be released in June and will be called ‘The NEOMADiC Tape’.

We’re now excited to present the first piece of music from that release. ‘LiFESTYLE’ is the first of four singles and the duo are teaming up with Nathan Barlow and Paperpag Animators for two more videos.

NEOMADiC are performing on the District Magazine stage at BARE in the Woods on June 9-11. They also perform live this weekend at Life Festival in Mullingar.

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