”Blackfish Collective is a space for a society of friends that come together and allows them to create from a place of comfort.”


Originally from Dublin, Blackfish Collective are a brand new crew based between their home in Ireland and London. They celebrate those that don’t ‘fit in’, along with those who do.

Blackfish collective

Although in this form Blackfish are a new group, they’re made up of musicians and writers that are absolutely no strangers to music. They’ve all been involved in great projects over the years, contributed to other bands and musicians.

However now in this new fresh form, the collective have put together something of their own supergroup, within a supergroup, of hardworking friends that all share the same vision.

Blackfish collective

We’re very happy to premiere the group’s debut track and video ‘Drizzle’, a taster of whats to come from a group I for one am really looking forward to watching boom from here.

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Words: Tara Stewart 
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