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Shookrah have shared a new rework of their debut single ‘Gerascophobia’, and we’re happy to present it for the first time.


Taken from their EP ‘Clichés’ released this year, ‘Gerascophobia’ was their first single from the project. They’ve now linked up with Carlow producer Auxiliary Phoenix for a re-imagining of the track, featuring visuals Shanghai glitch artist Patrick Sheahan, aka ShyBoy Stuios.

The original track was released in March, and went about addressing “the mid-twenty somethings aversion to embracing growth and or seeking escapism in unhelpful existentialism”, hence the name Gerascophobia which is a fear of growing old.

“Auxiliary Phoenix’s take on the track lends sensitivity to these themes by pairing back the verses and giving more airtime to the vocals while building grooves and textures reminiscent of Flying Lotus or Thundercat.”

If you want to know a little more about Auxiliary Phoenix, check out his mini-LP  ‘Camelopardalis’ released on Inner Current Recordings back in April here.

Shookrah play Hard Working Class Heroes this Friday September 29 at 8pm in the newly opened Tramline.

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