The Brits are at it again.

London mayor candidate Rory Stewart has come under fire for comments made about Irish rap group Hare Squead. According to The Guardian, the former cabinet minister, said  on Wednesday “One thing about social media is that it allows people to see politicians listening… I can go to Brick Lane and three sort of minor gangsters can come up to me and spend a minute telling me I’m an idiot.”

The original encounter occurred as the Tory MP took to the streets to interact on camera for a campaign video.

According to the Tory politician’s team the comments were, “obviously a light-hearted, self-deprecatory remarks – where Rory was reflecting on an amiable exchange he had when walking along Brick Lane”.

This is not the first time Rory Stewart, a former Etonian has been challenged about his outrageous comments, previously been quoted as saying, “Some areas around here are pretty primitive, people holding up their trousers with bits of twine and that sort of thing.”

Labour shadow home secretary Diane Abbott has since responded to the incident saying:



Hare Squead’s Lilo Blues has since responded on twitter:


Words: Dylan Murphy 
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