A fresh name and lots of new material on the way.


In August 2018 Enniskerry hip hop artist RTL shared a 10-track album entitled ‘432_uncertainty’, a dark project with more trap-driven beats and an experimental use of his own voice. It was our first real taste of the unique artist and he’s since performed live at a number of District shows, bringing an intense energy.

Back in August he told us that for two years he’d struggled with doubt about want direction to go with his music and life.

“Consistently harming my mental health and my close relationships which I find crucial to my life. This innate desire to create something that my friends and family can appreciate and enjoy is something I need to satisfy, not only for myself, but for those I actually care about to make them feel like they have invaluable input into my life and my happiness. But this process has been challenging and the path less travelled is riddled with uncertainty.”

432_uncertainty’ represented this and now RTL is back with some new material and a different name. Now going by RTL.Bluuwoods, he’s just released ‘Settles’ from his upcoming project ‘iNDUSTRY’.

Words: Staff Writer 
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