“Waiting for something special to happen and not appreciating the journey…”


Enniskerry R&B, soul and hip hop vocalist has shared a new 10-track album entitled ‘432_uncertainty’, a darker project with more trap-driven beats and an experimental use of his own voice.

The release deals with the themes of mental health and relationships, as he explains below.

“For the past two years I have been plagued with doubt about what I want to do with my music, my life and the direction I want to take them both. I find myself constantly constricted by my own thoughts as I long for one thing but chase another. Consistently harming my mental health and my close relationships which I find crucial to my life. This innate desire to create something that my friends and family can appreciate and enjoy is something I need to satisfy, not only for myself, but for those I actually care about to make them feel like they have invaluable input into my life and my happiness. But this process has been challenging and the path less travelled is riddled with uncertainty.

“This album represents this. This album is about this growing uncertainty I constantly stare in the face. Waiting for something special to happen and not appreciating the journey. Never really knowing what I want but fighting to make sure everyone else does. Lying to myself about what makes me “ME” but making sure you only see truth. I do not like this uncertainty. I welcome this uncertainty. Life is about the push and pull between doing what you want to do and doing what you feel like you have to do. And I have to do this. Accurately representing this journey that I’m on while still making some decent tunes in the process.”

Listen to RTL’s “labour of love and hate” below in full.

Words: Staff Writer / Photography: George Voronov 
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