The Dublin band return with a fresh single.


Shy Mascot’s sound is a smorgasbord of funk, jazz and hip hop, tied together by the raps of Dublin-based South Florida rapper Jamel, and they’re fast becoming a group we can’t stop talking about.

In early October they released the excellent visuals for ‘Pardon Me’ and now they’re back.

“‘All Day Long’ came about quite naturally,” says Fiadh about the latest outing. “I’d finally gotten to the stage where I felt okay about a break-up, and was cathartically humming away to myself at home. Walking into rehearsal with the guys that evening, still singing my new scraps of a tune, we decided to take a crack at turning it into something real!

“It’s so exciting handing over music to the lads and hearing the transformation. We had the chorus, but it was only after Jamel turned up the following week with his verse written that it seemed the song had actual body, and sentiment.”

Check it out below.

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