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You need to get acquainted with Soulé.


Aka Samantha Kay, she’s an artist we are particularly excited about at the moment. She’s making the kind of music that we’ve been fans of for a while across the waters… but nobody has explored it in Dublin until now. Her soulful vocals and heavy bass taking influence from the likes of MNEK, Elle Eyre and Lauryn Hill, make for a woman we look forward to following as she grows.

Soulé has just released her debut track and video, ‘Love No More’, a song about a breakup that she told us she’s well and truly over now, so much so it started off as a ballad but turned into a dance track by the time she took it to the studio.

We had a quick chat with Sam about performing to a packed out Workman’s, love and her brand new video for ‘Love No More’.

Hey Sam, thanks for chatting with us, what are you up to at the moment?

I’m recording, working on my next single and brainstorming with Diffusion Lab! Trying to decide what I want to write about next.

Deadly! Your debut single Love No More is a record that is lyrically about heartbreak and missing that feeling of love with someone…is that about a love you had in particular?

It is actually… Love No More is about a moment in time when I broke up with an ex, and when I originally wrote it I made it into a ballad because I was sad. But then by the time I got into the studio to record I was over the breakup so I wanted to make it into a more upbeat vibey song, the beat was fast but the lyrics were sad.

That’s actually my goal, to make tracks that people can dance to but might have the complete opposite theme in the lyrics. Like MNEK, he makes these really boppy dance tracks that are about heartbreak.

MNEK is an artist you’d love to work with, which would be a great fit in our opinion! Are there any Irish artists you have your eye on to work with?

I’d love to work with Jafaris who supported me in the Workman’s, I was actually so happy when he agreed to perform because I’m a big fan!

I’d also love to do something with my good friend Farah Elle, we’ve been friends for years. But apart from that I’d also like to start working with DJs around Dublin.

You played the Workman’s recently to a packed room, what we noticed throughout the gig and even afterwards, was that everybody had a huge smile on their face and genuinely looked like they were having a great time. How did you find performing?

Ah it was amazing! Honestly I was so overwhelmed. I’m from a kinda big small town called Ballbriggan, there are a few schools and pretty much everybody knows each other. So performing to so many people and coming off stage to this positive feedback was just amazing.

I was so nervous and I just wanted to make people proud. That’s why I’m doing this… it’s not for me, it’s about making people feel good. Last year was my final year in college and now I’m playing gigs and releasing music. I’m so grateful, honestly, if that gig was my last I’d be so happy. That’s really how I felt about that night.

And lastly! What are you listening to right now?

Oh man! Well right now I’m listening to Hare Squead, Erykah Badu and Chrisette Michelle! Yeah that’s who I can think of right now haha.

Click here to buy Soulé’s new single.

Words: Tara Stewart 
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