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Strange Boy, aka Jonen Dekay, is a national treasure.


‘Somewhere in Ireland’ has come to an end.

The collection of videos a concept by director and animator Jack O’Flynn, AKA Brownsauce, in which he takes a fresh look at the idea of a music video. The first edition featured Limerick rap hero Hazey, followed by part two with Huva, Chili and Ganiyu, and three with MC and production duo Aswell and Mankyy.

After a successful Limerick premiere, the crew took over Fibber Magees in February, and now the final part of the series is available online.

Hazey once again joins in on the fun with a solid verse, as well as relative newcomer Citrus, but it’s Strange Boy who steals the show. Formerly known as Jonen Dekay, the MC is unassuming and has very little online presence, but every time we’ve heard him pick up the mic he’s proved he’s one of Irish hip hop’s greatest assets.

Check it out below.

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