Tebi Rex play Lost Lane with District Magazine & Slight Motif tonight, click here for more on the free party.


After releasing ‘Men Are Trash’, ‘Peggy’s Bus‘ and their debut EP ‘Welcome To The Darkest Year Of Our Adventures‘, Tebi Rex released the more macabre ‘No.1 Symbol of Peace’. According to the group the track was representative of a new path for the Tebi Rex project, and now they’re back with another taster of what’s to come.

On the back of being named in RTÉ 2FM’s Rising acts for 2019 list and a string of festival appearances, the pair have confirmed that they have an extended release on the way. Their upcoming album ‘The Young Will Eat The Old’ is scheduled for release in autumn, and maybe ‘I Never Got Off The Bus’ is the first peak at the project?

According to a press release, the single sees Tebi Rex tackle their past and the permanent mark it can leave on you, “regardless of how hard you try to break away”.

“The message is simple – either you grow or let it define you.

“In a way, it perfectly encapsulates what the upcoming concept album is about; how we’re destined to be better than what came before us but also doomed to fall prey to their same mistakes. The cycle repeats. Gods rise and fall.”

Tebi Rex play Lost Lane with District Magazine & Slight Motif on Friday July 26. Click here for more.

Words: Staff Writer 
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