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We’re happy to present the final part of this trilogy taken from a new series set on breaking the stigma behind mental health issues. The project uses original music and visuals, composed by Cian Toner under his Shakatoner alias, accompanied by recordings of various people who suffer from mental health issues.

“I am very proud (and slightly bricking it) to share a project that I have been working on over the past six months entitled ‘Tell Your Own Story’,” says Cian. “The project aims to creatively raise awareness of mental health issues in Ireland and inspire those affected to speak out and seek help.”

For part three of Cian’s first trilogy he links up with Lucie Kavanagh.

“I got in touch with Lucie through See Change, a mental health organisation who do some really deadly work,” says Cian. “I had seen on Lucie’s blog that she wrote poetry about her mental health. It was really beautifully written and I thought this could be a unique way of telling her story for this project.”

For this edition of Tell Your Own Story Lucie recites two of her poems entitled ‘Depression’ and ‘My Increasingly Mental Sister’.

“They are two really powerful pieces and I hoped to do them justice with the music that I wrote for it. The track has a distorted synth throughout but I wanted to give it a more organic feel so I ended up recording my own heartbeat with my iPhone and chopped it up. You can hear it come in around the 50 second mark. I think it brings a bit of life to the low-end as the bassline is pretty linear.

All of the footage was once again shot by Cian too, this time captured at Dolymount Strand.

“When editing I wanted to achieve a distorted effect on the footage that would work well with the synth and bassline when they came in.”

This is the last video for now, but if you’d like to tell your story and help other people do the same contact us ( or Cian Toner ( directly to be involved in the next series.

If you, like thousands others, are affected by any mental health issues and you feel like you need some help there are many organisations that can help. Pieta House, Aware, Samaritans, Console and SpunOut are just some of the sources that can help.


Words: Staff Writer 
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