For the September edition of our Monthly Guide to Dublin City we had Dublin rapper Rejjie Snow chat to Clairo.

For many Clairo is now a household name. Having burst onto the scene with viral hits ‘Flaming Hot Cheetos’ and ‘Pretty Girl’, the Massachusetts native’s stock rose in the blink of an eye.

In 2018 Clairo released her ‘Diary 001′ EP. The success of the project coupled with her cult-like fan base resulted in a European tour including a debut Dublin headliner.

Having featured on the opening track ‘Hello?’ and being from the capital we thought who better to interview the blossoming bedroom pop star than Rejjie Snow.

Choosing a slightly unconventional approach Rejjie and Clairo decided to chat over Imessage.

Read the conversation below:


Clairo rejjie texts Clairo rejjie texts Clairo rejjie texts Clairo rejjie texts

Words: Dylan Murphy 
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