‘The Many Faces of Her’ to debut as part of  Scene + Heard Festival in Smock Alley Theatre.

Having produced ‘We’re All Mad Here’, at Dublin Fringe, Stella Godmet has returned with a new piece called ‘The Many Faces of Her’. It’ll be shown at ‘Scene + Heard’, a festival of new work hosted by Smock Alley Theatre. Already in its fifth year there will be 109 new pieces of work brought to life between February 12 – 19.

‘The Many Faces of Her’, is inspired by the German philosopher and sociologist Theodor Adorno. He believed “Trauma changes the world therefore, it changes art.” Following this illustrator Claire Prouvost and performer Stella Godmet have teamed up to provide another way for an audience to engage in a challenging part of our past.

For a long time psychiatric institutions were common place and institutionalisation was the go to action to treat mental illness.. A majority of patients were institutionalised because their behaviour was deemed unfit for society and there was huge stigma surrounding mental illness. Societies today continue to stigmatise women who refuse to adopt the normative behaviour expected of them.

This collaboration aims to raise awareness about the stigmatisation of mental illness and it utilises colourful visual work to illustrate their points. Coupled with a staged performance it provides a medium to communicate about this topic through sound, kinesthetics and visual aids.

Double Bill: The Many Faces of Her + Confession
Scene+Heard Festival 2020
Tue 18 Feb + Wed 19 Feb at 6:30PM in The Boys’ School
Early Bird: €10 / €13 at the door

Click here for more information.

Illustrations: Claire Prouvost.

Words: Dylan Murphy 
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