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Junior Press set to launch RIP Zine.


Before summer we caught up with the two brains behind Junior Magazine, a publication aiming to give a platform to young photographers in Ireland and to establish a community around them.

They’ve now returned with a new concept and some fresh ideas about independent publishing.


Can you give us a little background to who’s involved in RIP, and Junior Press as a whole?

The zine features Ellius Grace and George Voronov who run Junior Press, and Nicholas Harpur who was in issue one.

Nicholas is a good friend of Junior’s and has been great at helping out along the way. His way of working is very cerebral and personal. He works with photography as a language and pulls photographs from all aspects of his life. He is a Leica shooter and has a wandering and intriguing eye. Nicholas is from Wexford, studied photography in the past and currently works part time as a tree surgeon to support his practice.

George is a Russian import to Dublin but has spent his formative and adult years here. He studied Politics and History in Trinity College and has been engrossed in creative and cultural practices since he was young. An early trip to the Arctic started him on his photographic journey and he has been shooting and pouring over lens art ever since.

Ellius is a born and raised Dub. He graduated from graphic design in NCAD in 2015 and has been working as a freelance portrait and fashion photographer for the last number of years. He has been building up to moving to London for about a year but Dublin keeps presenting him with new opportunities to stay longer.

After the launch of issue 1 of Junior, we took a break and after a few months returned with Junior Press and a new take on their existing model. The aim of Junior remains the same though: Showcase young and emerging talent in project photography.

Why did you guys set up Junior Press?

Junior Press was born out of a desire to do more varied work with photographers. We wanted more ways to showcase young talent in varying degrees of formality. Junior Press is mainly the publisher of Junior Magazine but we have now repositioned ourselves to be a publishing initiative, or a collective, that can bring out a whole host of events and products celebrating photography.

Will all the publications be different or can we expect another Junior Mag? Is it just magazines or are you looking at jumping into anything else?

We plan on keeping Junior Magazine coming every year. Junior Press now lets us venture into weirder and more adventurous undertakings in photography events and publications. We want to test the limits of photography display and see just how far we can go to bring good work to light. We’re also working on a website at the minute which we hope to fill with writing, video, online features and interviews with people we respect and think have something important to say.

What’s the idea behind RIP?

RIP is a number of things. RIP is first and foremost a chance to experiment, try out new ideas and work outside of our comfort zone. But most of all, it is an excuse to have fun, get weird and not take ourselves too seriously.

How often are you guys hoping to publish?

We hope to have Junior issues coming out once a year and fill the rest of the time with small events and zines. We’re not going to fix ourselves to a publishing schedule on these, but hope to bring out a number of different things throughout each year. RIP is our first venture into this new informal format and we’re really enjoying how off the cuff we can be about it all while still creating something beautiful and hopefully worthy of attention.

The launch of RIP Zine is this Friday November 18 in Gallery of Photography. Click here for more.

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