Think you know your Irish hip hop?

A frequent goer of gigs? Playlists stocked up with JafarisRejjie Snow and JyellowL?  Dripping in ‘Green Diesel‘ merch? Time to prove your knowledge.

Each Wednesday we will be drawing up a number of questions to test your grasp of the Irish rap scene. The perfect way to demonstrate your expertise on the rapidly growing hip hop landscape in Ireland.

Whether you frequently deep dive online to find the newest emerging artists or you quietly keep an eye on things as they start to bubble up towards the mainstream this quiz is a good way to gauge your engagement with the genre.

This week we focused on recent news to test whether you have been paying attention to current events within Irish hip hop. Featuring questions on the latest singles, new endeavours and a couple throwbacks to jog your memory this one is sure to test your knowledge.

If you missed last week’s quiz click here.

If the embedded quiz doesn’t work try here.

Photo Credits: Cait Fahey for The Face


Words: Dylan Murphy 
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