Belfast’s Dior Norf is the youngest member of the Irish, London-based collective.


Born in Belfast and spending his formative years in Egypt and Dublin, Dior Norf met members of Blackfish Collective when he was in Ireland’s capital. His musical bond with Prncss and Mo tabs remained, even when he moved back up north to Belfast.

The young artist did however follow the group to London in 2017, honing his skills there for a year. Heavily influenced “by his raving days in belfast, hallucinogens and acid experience, the developing urban music and fashion scene”, this might explain his difficult to pin down and often erratic visual and sonic style.

Inspired by the likes of Asap Rocky, SpaceGhostPurrp and Busta Rhymes, Norf creates boundary-pushing music, with very little concern for convention.

His debut single is taken from his forthcoming EP ‘MIcro Dose’, which is set to drop this summer. Check the video, directed by Norf, below for the first time.

Words: Staff Writer 
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