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We’re happy to present the new video for ‘Walk’ from Lakerama’s ‘Contactless’ EP.


Lakerama consists of Graeme S (Hsuan Records) and Senita (Shookrah) who released their debut EP ‘ONE’ two years ago. They released another project last year entitled ‘Contactless’.

We premiered a concept music video for ‘Just Enjoy Yourself / ( Y 0 ? )’, pronounced ‘Y Naught’ from that EP in 2017, and now we’re happy to share the video for ‘Walk’ for the first time.

“I proudly came up with the concept and co-directed it,” explains Senita. “Alongside a fantastic videographer and friend Dervla Baker. The song is called ‘Walk’, and it’s a reflective love song.

“For a little context on the song and influence on the video, it’s centred on the title, with a little surreal twist. We fall in on two contemplative lovers, who are at a discordant emotional point and make their way to a safe place to figure out their romantic fate. We cruise along with them as they progress towards one another, witnessing just how delicate that moment is, knowing you have to embark upon been a tough conversation that could make or break things. I wanted to bring a bit of an absurd level to it that interrupts the intensity of their emotive walk and all the potential outcomes and shifts us and them back to the immediate moment and their undeniable care for one another.”

Watch below.

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