“This video is unlike a lot of my past projects.”


Why-Axis has linked up with animator/director Elliot Ruddy to release a video they’ve had in the works for a long time.

“I’ve had this track lined up since about February waiting to release it just needed the right visuals. We came up with the concept together and thought it would really suit the vibe we were going for. So from Elliot’s home place in Sligo and mine in Dublin we travelled most weeks shooting the exact same video but in real time.

“After about a month of shooting and editing we decided to animate it instead [laughs]. Working with the Illustrator was great, we both have a lot in common when it comes to work ethic and creation. Aside from that we both skate and are genuinely friends so it was like a walk in the park really!”

Why-Axis has some lofty plans for the future too.

“I’ve been holding back on a lot of great videos I’ve shot in the last while, 2019 will definitely be the year people get to know a much more creative side of myself as I have plans for more than just music.

“I really feel that as a creative in Ireland we must try to push ourselves to a wider audience and really need to understand brand building and marketing if we want to strive.”

Check out the new one below.

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