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Wastee is Irish artist Wastefellow’s grime-leaning alter-ego.


Wastefellow’s diversity shines through with his latest track ‘Candy’. As a producer he blends grime, hip hop and more club-driven electronica, with each live show more of an art exhibition than a gig.

He joins up with new label Lyxliv as Wastee for a forthcoming EP, releasing the first track today.

“Lyxliv (translating from Swedish to high-life or luxurious living) is the result of Dublin raised Patrik Harkin a.k.a Tjugo Lax’s interest in staying connected with his birthplace, Stockholm.

“Through online forums like ‘Flashback’ he began exploring the thematics of Swedish gang culture. This fascination with criminality developed into an exploration of the materialism associated with it and the pop culture that fetishises it. While initially only focusing on these themes within the confines of criminal subculture, this interest grew into a wider examination of contemporary consumerism. Eventually the desire to explore these themes via audio and visual mediums gave birth to Lyxliv, a record label.”

Listen to the first of two original tracks that “are a direct response to a superficial world.” Wastee continues. “These hyper-active tracks are action packed and short lived reflecting our era of instant gratification.” There’ll also be two remixes by 5tarb01 and Sport Eyes on the release.

Words: Staff Writer 
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