The first single from Wastefellow’s EP ‘Post-Human Potential’ is here.


Wastefellow is no stranger to the Soft Boy Records crew. In 2016 he featured on their Soft World mixtape and it seems the Irish vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist has been working with them behind the scenes once again.

Wastefellow is readying the release of his ‘Post-Human Potential’ project which is slated for release on September 28.

He’s just shared the video for ‘Philosophy Plastic’, directed by Kevin Smith aka KOJAQUE, which serves as the first single from the EP.

Here’s what Wastefellow had to say.

“Back when I was finishing the beat that would become ‘Philosophy Plastic’, I was reading a bit about new age philosophy, the human potential movement, stuff like that. Something about the always vague ideas of cosmic one-ness became really interesting to me, and I started linking them into other thoughts I had been having about my own up and down relationship to the internet.


“What if, instead of wasting my life online, I was actually tapping into a cosmic energy, one that really did connect us all? A lot of the new age stuff talks about using some hidden potential we all share to reach the next stage of humanity, and it occurred to me then that we’d already done it, this was the cosmic end-game. I thought that was a funny idea, so I wrote a bunch of songs about it, and those songs are the new EP.”

Wastefellow will be performing at the Peace Pogoda in Body&Soul at Electric Picnic on Saturday September 1.

Check out the new video below and click here to pre-order the new EP on vinyl.

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